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Total Infractions Issued: 38

Please obey the server rules!

Forvist Punishments

Welcome to Forvist Punishments Portal.

Here you can find our rules, info and punishment records.


If you're banned for breaking the rules you only have one option: Wait for your sanction to end.

If your ip is banned, it means that the staff has decided that your behavior is not compatible with the principles of our server. This means that you will never be able to enter again, buying an unban will not work.

Join our discord and create a support ticket explaining your situation.


The use of any type of hack will be penalized with a ban. This includes hacked clients, scripts, macros, xray, and derivatives. Mods like Xaero's Minimap are allowed.

At Forvist we prioritize respect, inclusion and entertainment. This is why any comment likely to affect the sensitivity of our users will be penalized. Insults of any kind, spam and flood are prohibited. Avoid talking about sensitive topics.

We want our server to be fair for everyone that is why if you find any bug or exploit you must report it to the staff. If you are caught abusing one of these you will be banned from IP.

Our server has multiple mechanics that allow you to interact with other players. The malicious use of these will be sanctioned. Any type of scam is prohibited. Griefing around protected areas is prohibited. Teleport kill is prohibited.

We are not gods, we do not deserve extra respect we just need to make a few points clear. The staff with access to creative (Admins) cannot give any type of item so don't ask. Administrative ranks are not requested insisting on the chat, if you want to be promoted, contact us formally through a discord ticket.